Dear Parents

The value of the Preschool Education Center nowadays is very important both for the support of the family and the facilitation of the working parents, as well as for the proper preparation and provision to our children of the necessary supplies for their smooth integration and integration in the next educational levels. The “Little Friends” of Aristotle are a quality, hospitable and safe place for your children with experienced and trained human resources.

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We believe in the necessity of having a specific pedagogical program adapted to the age and needs of children which promotes their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

We offer your children the necessary motivation and values to enrich their emotional world, to come in contact with materials that they will learn to work with, to create and to work collaboratively within a team.

We are here for your children…

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The Preschool Education Center “The Little Friends” of Aristotle participates as a structure, in the Action “Harmonization of Family and Professional Life” within the Hellenic Society of Local Development and Local Government SA. (Ε.Ε.Τ.Α.Α.) Α.Ε., for the NSRF and is located in the structures of the Municipality of Loutraki Perachora – Agios Theodoros.

This Program provides funding for care and hospitality positions in kindergartens for children from 2 ½ years until enrollment in Kindergarten.

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The Management of the Preschool Education Center “The Little Friends” of Aristotle, is at the disposal of every parent in order to help in the correct completion of the applications and to provide guidance for the collection of the necessary supporting documents that accompany each application. You can see its Announcement (Ε.Ε.Τ.Α.Α) in detail by clicking here.

Children’s Corner

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Children play outside
Children play with water
Infants play with plasticine
Infants participate in class
Infants become a team

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