The individual needs and interests of the students are taken into account for the planning of the activities. In addition, all activities are tailored to the specifics of each age group to which they are addressed.

The modern didactics are faithfully followed for the fulfillment of the educational objectives, as underlined by the Interdisciplinary Unified Curriculum Framework (DEPPS) for Preschool Education, of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religions, so that the child can explore the environment around him in many ways and at the same time discover aspects of himself. Therefore, rich supervisory pedagogical material is used, including technological means. The Project method and the interdisciplinary work plans are followed to promote the experiential learning method and increase creativity.
Our school, “The little friends” OF ARISTOTLE offers a rich program of activities where children learn and develop in an organized environment.
In detail, according to the Curricula, the activities implemented are:
CHILD & LANGUAGE: Linguistic development-Children’s literature. Cognitive approach to thematic units using modern supervisory tools. Cultivation of oral speech, phonological awareness exercises, first reading and writing exercises.
CHILD & MATHEMATICS: Mathematical concepts and learning numerical concepts & symbols.
CHILD & ENVIRONMENT – Anthropogenic & Natural:Social – Folklore – Emotions – Health & Hygiene – Historical – Mythology-Sensory – Experiments – Laboratories of applications – Environmental – Ecology, etc.
CHILD – CREATION & EXPRESSION: Theatrical, role-playing games, Dramatizations, Puppetry, Kinetic, Visual, group games, Relaxing.
CHILD & MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Viewing educational DVDs, Cd-Rom-Supervisors, Listening to educational Cd`s, etc.