For children 4-5 years

In the Preschool section they can now develop their self-esteem so that they can mature spiritually and cultivate their creativity. Through the appropriate pedagogical program, adapted to the age of the children, we take care of their all-round development, emphasizing active and experiential learning. So we cultivate a multitude of abilities and skills of children. We encourage children to study the environment around them by expanding, experimenting and discovering, expressing their thoughts and experiences. We create a supportive framework of cooperation, interaction and communication of children with each other. In the field of creation and expression we bring children in contact with arts such as visual arts, theatrical play, movement and music. We offer rich stimuli by bringing them in contact with works of art, so that they develop a personal relationship with culture. Through these arts they enrich their potential to express in different ways and means, their thoughts and feelings. Children of this age are preparing for Kindergarten.